Synchronizing Files and Folders between Home System and Office system

Sometimes you may be carrying few files from Office to Home and again Home to Office. Many times you may be preparing for something, say presentation, self learning material or anything else.
In these cases, you my work on those items as and when ideas comes or whenever you get free time to do that.

How would you share your half baked files to each system effortlessly?

Dropbox logo

The answer is available syncing tools. Many are freely available for you to use.

One such tool is DropBox. It is a cloud based system having excellent software to sync up your data on every system you wish.
Just give user-id (emailID) and password once and you have done. Open your files from anywhere and do the changes in your files and save the file as you save usually. File must be in DropBox folder. Dropbox while installing will ask you folder location under Advanced setting. It may create Dropbox folder in "My Document" folder by default. Learn few simple things and your changes are getting synced-up automatically without any effort.

No need to remember to carry your files in pen drive. It will always be available whenever you log into your another system. It will sync up your changes there as well.
With 2GB of free space on DropBox, you can easily sync up your office system file and home PC/Laptop files. If you are having text based files only to sync up then free space provided at the time of
sign up can be enough for you!

SyncToy – Free from Microsoft.

Windows Live Mesh - Free from Microsoft.

I have used DropBox sometimes and I found that it works flawlessly.

Another way I used to use for working from anywhere is Google Docs. But as you know it is web based application and it has its own advantage and disadvantage.