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YUI3 Tutorial: Working with Node – 2. Dynamically Add, Remove and Toggle CSS Class

Here is another post for YUI3 Node. Here I am going to present examples for adding Class, removing class and toggle css class dynamically using YUI. YUI3 provides .addClass('foo'), .removeClass('foo'), .toggleClass('foo'), .hasClass('foo') and .replaceClass('foo', 'bar') for dynamically working with class on an element. Javascript used in the example: YUI().use('node', function(Y)… (Continue)

YUI3 Tutorial: YUI Node with Examples – 1

YUI has a node utility for creating, collecting and manipulating node. Each node represent DOM node. It helps in managing style, subscribing to events, and dynamically loading content and many more things. We can use for single node, Y.all() for multiple node (nodeList) and, which is same as… (Continue)

Preventing Hacking Attempts With Apache .htaccess

I used to see many URLs which directly looking just a hacking attempts by hackers. Hackers are hackers they may continue to do that but we can try to prevent such effort. So, I hope you have take all common security measures discussed at many places for securing WordPress site.… (Continue)

Implementing Amazon CloudFront

I am checking Amazon's cloudFront. It is faster than the Amazon S3 for obvious reason. For this to use I need to better revert back all files from Amazon S3 to my own domain so that I can utilize unlimited storage space on my server with fast speed of Amazon… (Continue)

YUI3 Overlay – Working Example with Code

Here is fourth post about YUI. It will result in Facebook like draggable floating div using YUI3. Earlier post about YUI3 were Learn YUI3, Learn YUI3: Playing with Events and Putting Callbacks, Learn YUI3: Attach Event to Dynamic Content. This post is regarding Overlay using YUI3. This a how the… (Continue)

CSS Overlay: Text at the Bottom of Image or Text Ribbon

Here is a working sample with code for CSS overlay on Images. It is not using any JavaScript library. It is just HTML and CSS. It is very simple to create. Just you need to adjust the css for making the alignment very specific if you HTML is different. Important… (Continue)

Learn YUI3: Attach Event to Dynamic Content

How would you attach event to dynamically generated content such as li, div? Many elements are dynamically created based on user action. Something like search result, carousel, or other kind of tool where you have next, prev button generally add content dynamically to the container. Usually one may thing of… (Continue)