Implementing Amazon CloudFront

I am checking Amazon's cloudFront. It is faster than the Amazon S3 for obvious reason. For this to use I need to better revert back all files from Amazon S3 to my own domain so that I can utilize unlimited storage space on my server with fast speed of Amazon CloudFront. Otherwise, I need to pay for Amazon S3 and CloudFront for the same resources. I want speedier WebSite so putting this website on cloud. Although social services like Twitter and Facebook APIs are always there to reduce the speed of any Websites!

I have checked the performance/load time of these two urls - one hosted on Google Picasa and another on Amazon CloudFront. Differences are there but not very dramatic. The only big differences from Google Picasa and Amazon Cloud will be of Expire time. Google Picasa has short expire time whereas I can set my own expiration time for resources on Amazon CloudFront. I see many times CloundFront img is loading in 100ms whereas img on Picasa is loading in 200ms.

Can you measure the performance benefits correctly for resources on Google's Picasa and Amazon CloudFront and post it here or on FB page? Thank you!