MacBook Lion Updates

I got message that all Macbook will be updated to Lion in office and it is mandatory. I was well set with my first Macbook laptop and do not want to change anything. But date came and I need to go for update. I have taken backup but missed few things. I need to recall many settings that I did earlier when I first got MacBook Laptop.

I missed to take Browser's bookmarks and history backup. In office where you have lots of urls to remember, browsing history is a very good memory. Bookmark has been restored by IT people.

Is there a way to save all setting change compared to default setting in OS?

If it is then I would have taken backup of it. I need to recall setting to apply after OS update. Few things has changed. I faced problem with Mail client. It is little different in Lion version.

Here are few things, I did after update:

TrackPad - For click to tap to just touch etc

Dock - for making dock to left side

Expose - became Mission Control

Spaces - Came into Trackpad -> More Gestures

Browser related issue - Very Important in company environment. Backup bookmark, history etc

Terminal - Terminal related backup. Vim config etc. I missed to take backup of it. too bad.

Mail - My email was on server, but I lost Rules I have created in 'Mail' email client.

Data backup - Taken backup of it. It was in Document, WebServer and Download. Restored from there.

This list will help me recollect few things in next update, if it comes in this office.