YUI3 to JQuery Conversion or Opposite

I have written few lines of code and I wanted to convert that into jQuery as it is. I have noted down these differences:

YUI to jQuery

1. Instead of just 'this' → $(this).
Inside JQuery callback function, 'this' refers to DOM object, not a jQuery object.
2. node.one()/node.all() → node.find()
3. this.on('click', enableSort, null, idx); → $(this).click({idx: idx}, enableSort);
Inside JQuery callback function, e.data.idx.
4. .get('text) → .text() in jQuery. Similarly .get('innerHTML') → .html()
5. arr.size() → arr.length;

Convert DOM to jquery Object:

Convert jQuery Object to DOM Object:
jQueryObj.get(0) Or jQueryObj[0]

Pass data to event handler:
One method is used above and another method is