Buffalo WCR-GN AirStation: Wireless Router Setup

Setup CD provided is helpful in setting up AOSS connection but you do not need it. Many information provided here is useful for any Wireless router but this guide is particularly useful for Baffalo WCR-GN N150.

Just connect your wireless router to modem and from wireless router to your Laptop/PC connect using network wire. Use any port on the Wireless device to connect it to PC. You are connected! Now, you are ready to setup your wireless router.
Point your browser to:
UserId : root
Password: (empty)

Just few config, and you are ready to use your wireless router in secure way.
AOSS for easy connection is there but it left one connection open by default which I did not liked. Anyone can connect and anyone can use your available bandwidth.
So, first thing is to do is go to Wireless Config -> AOSS tab. Then click on the 2nd tab () to disable it.

Important: This document is short as I am only giving info about the change you need to do. Change the setting which is mentioned here and leave others as it is. Many default settings are good enough. At last read about Window 7 settings I did when my connection was not working good on it while it was working good on Android mobile.

Wireless Config -> Basic Settings (11n/g/b):
Channel: What is it?
Value = Auto Channel means whatever non-interfering channel is available will be selected.
Value = 1, 6 or 11 are generally suggested as well as this is non overlapping. Select the one your nearby neighbour are not using. To see what you neighbor are using, use this inSSIDer tool. Helpful document about Wireless Channel.

Broadcast SSID: Allow
When connecting to an AirStation device, broadcasting its SSID, you do not need to enter SSID  manually. It will let your neighbor know the name of wireless connection.
Broadcasting your SSID also lets clients detect the best wireless signal level available and connect to it automatically.

SSID: Enter Name
- It looks better than MAC address. So, I have provided the value. Put any value of your liking.

WPA2 - PSK is the suggested way. But you have option of using mixed which is WPA/WPA2 mixedmode - PSK.
Encryption: AES is good. It is faster than TKIP and better in encryption. Your client which is going to use your wireless connection should support the encryption. If you have selected mixed mode above then select mixed mode here as well.

WPA-PSK (pre shared key): Needed if you select any Authentication other than "No Authentication".  Good to have authentication or your neighbor can use your bandwidth without you asking. Act as a password.

Important: This Wireless -> Basic config only works when you have AOSS disabled. Click on the AOSS tab and click on the second button  to disable it. If it is already disabled then you won't see the above button. In disabled mode, the button color is blue. I have disabled it as I saw one open connection and one using which I connected to Android Phone was connected using AOSS security. AOSS app file is small and can be downloaded from Google Play. It is an easiest way to connect. With AOSS enabled, SSID settings can be entered but it won't come into effect. Buffalo will give you message at the bottom. Your Android Device can use WEP/WEP2 PSK. So, why to download any package from Google Play!

Multicast Rate: The rate at which your wireless send single message to computers. If you use lots of streaming then use higher rate otherwise lower is better. Lower rate give better distance coverage.

Band Width: 20 Mhz or 40Mhz ?
Use 40 Mhz if your device support. Older laptop many not support it. 40Mhz does not provide longer signal range but it do provide better chance of signal reaching with full force.

Qos (Quality of Service): So cool feature. It tells the wireless to give more bandwidth to applications over other applications.
LAN Config -> Qos.

NAT (Network Address Translation): It allows one IP address assigned to us by ISP to be used by many devices. It is enabled by default.

PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) Connection: If DHCP is enabled then just leave it as it.

Admin Config:
Name: Default should be fine. It is device mac address.
Password: Add password/Change password for your router settings.
Save/Restore: If your current setting is working then you restore your setting and go on to test ride. If something fails then you can use the settings. I have not used the restore setting features so I cannot say anything on it.

Good to look at. It is the settings in use by this Router.

Separate feature in Wireless Config->Basic:
It blocks network between devices on this network. No need to select it.  More

Window 7 problem:

I was facing problem in Window 7 while in Android mobile it was working file. I read here and there and did few things. I think, removing extra things has worked well. In extra thing, one is WEP, which is not required. Just disable it. Another important thing is WPA/WPA2 mixedmode - PSK. I changed it to WEP2 and Encryption to AES. I have also changed back the multicast rate to 1 MB default setting. Wireless on Window 7 is working fine now.

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  • # 1 - by Timothy Dietrich

    Hi friends, i think quite a few persons would have such a vast knowledge in wireless routers, like you actually have. You really inspired me. I was facing such problem since a long time. Thanks Sir.

  • # 3 - by xander

    im having a problem with my buffalo wcr-hp-gn router…. when in turn it on the diag led is turn on and it will not detect unto my pc… anyone got an idea on how to fix this thing?

    • # 4 - by Satya Prakash

      Your router has place to plug net cable. Check from there using if net is there. After that check if u have wi-fi bluethooth turned on.

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