- for May, 2013

Zen Coding Plugin for NetBeans: Its funny

Just tested Zen coding plugin for Netbeans and I have found it funny. It works well. It is available for many others editors as well. I need to get template for HTML page. For this I used to copy from old html files. Today I tried with zen coding syntax.… (Continue)

Dart Language: Better Alternative to JavaScript

Google has developed Dart Language for Web Development to replace JavaScript. It will replace all bad part of JavaScript and keep good part and add few more features to make developers task easier and web page less prone to error. Of course speed is very important factor for developing dart… (Continue)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Vs Platform-as-a-Service

Many times both can be very clear and sometimes it may look confusing or overlapping. In IaaS, you got just infrastructure where you can run your OS, DB, all other stuff. You install it, manage it and all. It is all your headache. In Platform-as-a-service, you get OS, DB and… (Continue)

Basic PHP Security

When it comes to PHP, some 99% of amateur sites and 60-70% of all sites use the professional scripting language called PHP. But is it safe to use PHP? Does the implementation of the language not have any gaps that are critical to the operation of our applications? But remember… (Continue)