- for June, 2013

Fingerprinting your Smart Device for Serving Ads

Mobile phones and smart devices generally does not use cookie and this makes tracking little difficult on non-login page. For that ads companies are using fingerprinting technologies. This fingerprinting technologies uses your screen size, installed software, OS and other things to identify you. Cache can be cleared frequently and in… (Continue)

Online IPad Simulator – a Tool

Many times you need to see how your website or blog look may in iPad. For that buying iPad is costly affair. You may be very interested or not about how your website look in iPad depends on type of website you are running. For non transactional website everything fall… (Continue)

Internet from Balloon!!! No. Yes, It is a Loon Project by Google

Google has launched a Loon project which uses balloon for providing Internet access to the masses which is not having access to Internet. This is not a April Fool by Google thought to me it look like that. 🙂 Google has started the service in New Zealand's South Island which… (Continue)

Android Studio Error: msvcr100.dll is Missing

Google has used IntelliJ to develop its Android Studio platform for Android Development. So, eclipse is not the only platform now for Android Development supported by Google. IntelliJ based Android Studio is new entrant and I think Google will more concentrate on this in future as the name is Android… (Continue)