Android Studio Error: msvcr100.dll is Missing

Google has used IntelliJ to develop its Android Studio platform for Android Development. So, eclipse is not the only platform now for Android Development supported by Google. IntelliJ based Android Studio is new entrant and I think Google will more concentrate on this in future as the name is Android Studio - Integrated Development Environment for Android.

You may get error as soon as you start it. Errors can be no JVM found and another can be msvcr100.dll not found.
If you have 32-bit JDK installed on 64-bit window platform then the JDK package does not make entry into path environment variable. and if you have downloaded 64-bit Android Studio for 64-bit platform then you need to install 64-bit JDK.
Solution to another error - missing msvcr100.dll is missing - can best be read at pcmediks. He has written the solution beautifully. The solution is to download and install a Visual C++ package - 32-bit or 64-bit based on your requirement.

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