- for July, 2013

What is Box-Sizing:Border-Box and other Values?

Box sizing affect how Box Size will be rendered. Box size can include padding and border or it can exclude border and padding while taking height and width. It is here to solve your measurement problem of Block element. I know you have calculated box (div/p) size earlier if you… (Continue)

Reserved Words in HTML5?

Is there any reserved words in HTML5? I faced problem when I used "term" for Label. <label for="term">Term:</label><input id="term" type="text" value="" /> When I click on Label then it does not highlight Input box. To make it work, I need to use "terms" for input element id and accordingly change… (Continue)

Most Used PC and Mobile Web Browser

This is part-2 of the stats about Web Technology. What is most used Web Browser for Mobile and Desktop/Laptop/PC users? In this fast paced Browser war who is winning and who is loosing? Well Internet Explorer is loosing and it really lost in current Web Browser war. For the first… (Continue)

Most Common Desktop/Laptop and Mobile Screen Resolution Worldwide

Here is most commonly used monitor resolution worldwide by statcounter. Most used Desktop/PC/Laptop monitor resolution is 1366*768. 2nd most used resolution is that old one 1024*768. Yes, it is still relevant. I think those who are into web development may remember it for sure! For this Web Scripting blog, most… (Continue)