- for August, 2013

Coaching Vs Mentoring – Few Differences

What are the differences between coaching and mentoring a person? There are differences and here are few of them: Coaching is generally short term but mentoring is generally long term Coaching is about certain task but mentoring is about individual's development. Mentoring work can involve personal agenda as well like… (Continue)

Notebook Available Online

I was not looking for notebook to write something and save there for getting that some other time. But I was looking for something to get rid of formatting and use in MS Word or Google Docs. For that, notepad or gEdit can work but doing everything online became a… (Continue)

Window Essentials: Set of Free Essential Software from Microsoft

Window Essentials constitute few software which are at it for the work. It constitute important software free of cost - Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Messenger, Mail, Live Writer, MS SkyDrive, and Family Safety. Window Essentials are not much advertised so many people do not know. As soon as you… (Continue)

Free Anti-Virus with Window 7: Window Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials are for users who have genuine Window 7 installed on their system. I saw till date many people are not aware of such anti-virus Software from Microsoft. So, thought to write about it. Microsoft has worked on the basic of security for home users. It was always… (Continue)

Faced First Glitch in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

First glitch faced in experimental Internet Explorer 11 today was due to User Agent. Few of Web Apps on HCL are still does not work without IE. and you know that new Internet Explorer 11 have different User Agent so that old IE related hacks does not get applied to… (Continue)

Manage Projects in Eclipse

Eclipse has a way to manage projects. Many times you may have wished to categories projects in Eclipse! There is a way in Eclipse and that is by using "Working Sets". Here is how it looks when you have many projects on Project Explorer: This is how you can do… (Continue)

Apple’s Guiding Principles for a Better Web Experience

Here is Apple's guidelines for designing Web Experience. Apple has made designing a very important aspect in developing product. Apple is in Software and Hardware product development. Here is Human Interface Guidelines from Apple: Aesthetic Integrity: “Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautiful an app is. It’s a… (Continue)