Apple’s Guiding Principles for a Better Web Experience

Here is Apple's guidelines for designing Web Experience. Apple has made designing a very important aspect in developing product. Apple is in Software and Hardware product development.

Here is Human Interface Guidelines from Apple:

  • Aesthetic Integrity: “Aesthetic integrity is not a measure of how beautiful an app is. It’s a measure of how well the appearance of the app integrates with its function.”
  • Consistency: “Consistency in the interface allows people to transfer their knowledge and skills from one app to another. A consistent app is not a slavish copy of other apps. Rather, it is an app that takes advantage of the standards and paradigms people are comfortable with.”
  • Metaphors: “When virtual objects and actions in an app are metaphors for objects and actions in the real world, users quickly grasp how to use the app. The classic example of a software metaphor is the folder: People put things in folders in the real world, so they immediately understand the idea of putting files into folders on a computer.”
  • For detail of the above and 3 more Human Interface Guiding principle please check here.