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Tech Talk: Found a Font for Coder and Programmer

Today I found a font made for programmer and coder which is open source as well. You can easily download TTP and OTF fonts from sourceforge. It is accepted by much fan fare as I read. The font “Source Code Pro” is development by Adobe and is free to use.… (Continue)

Monitor Monthly Broadband Data Usage on Laptop and Desktop

Service provide many times cheat about broadband usage. In the monthly bill, it does not say much about your usage. It just you used this much on that day. Many times you may be surprised by the bill. So, why not keep track of data usage and see how much… (Continue)

CloudFlare CDN: HTML Page Cache and Admin Login

Careful when you use CloudFlare CDN for serving HTML pages. By default, it only serve static content (CSS, JS, and images). Wrong page rule can cause your admin session cached and presented to users when they will visit blog post. On blog post, admin panel that comes at top can… (Continue)

Google’s Free DNS Benchmarking Utility

DNS Server is very important in Web Browsing or Internet Surfing. It is essential part of Internet. We need it every time we enter address in web browser. For example, when I enter DSN server is required. It happens that Browser or OS cache the result from DNS server… (Continue)

What is Spaghetti Code?

Spaghetti Code refers to code written by programmers which is complex and tangled by unnecessary control structure. Source code may be using many GOTO, and other branching constructs. In large system with bunch of Spaghetti code, you change something and something happen at the other end. It is considered derogatory… (Continue)

What is Tag Soup?

Tag soup refers to markup that is incorrectly written. It has incorrect syntax and document structure. Majors browsers has tag soup parser for interpreting malformed HTML code. I remember FrontPage was too good for this or designer who used to use FrontPage was too good in producing Tag Soup!… (Continue)

Sample Application, Better Than “Hello World”, in Android

This sample application I have created as first hand application after learning about Android. I am not experienced in Java and Android is in Java. So, practicing simple application will allow me to really test Android knowledge and get accustomed in Java as well. Few things in Java is really… (Continue)

First Sample App After Android SDK Download

After downloading Android SDK from, what would you do with Android SDK? Place your Folder at appropriate location and create shortcut to Eclipse.exe to Desktop or wherever you like to have it. After that lets do some setting work for Eclipse ADT. It will helps in every applications and… (Continue)

jQuery: Update Note

A note when I need to update jQuery library from jQuery version 1.8.3 to latest version (1.10.2). .load event -This method is a shortcut for .on( "load", handler ). .load event deprecated in V 1.8. .live() -For this also use .on() now.   .live() removed in V 1.9 .error() -The error()… (Continue)

Few Useful Eclipse Shortcuts I Use And Wish To Remember

To work on Android, I need to use Eclipse. Google’s Android Studio is very new and not that good for new Android Learners. Many functionalities are not working in Android Studio. You need to update Android Studio periodically by uninstalling older Android Studio. I try to remember at least those… (Continue)