CloudFlare CDN: HTML Page Cache and Admin Login

Careful when you use CloudFlare for serving HTML pages. By default, it only serve static content (CSS, JS, and images). Wrong page rule can cause your admin session cached and presented to users when they will visit blog post. On blog post, admin panel that comes at top can be made available due to Cache issue. I faced this problem.


I was using Admin panel and on the same browser I was checking the post. I logged out from Admin Panel and then refreshed the post to see the panel at the top goes away from the post. But it did not went away. I checked on the link above about Delete Cache etc. and all were working perfectly as if I have not logged-out. I checked this on other browser and the session was live there as well. It was miracle.

In settings, there is a Development Mode in CloudFlare and that you can help you with this and similar situation. Enable Development Mode and Log-Out now.