Few Useful Eclipse Shortcuts I Use And Wish To Remember

To work on Android, I need to use Eclipse. Google’s Android Studio is very new and not that good for new Android Learners. Many functionalities are not working in Android Studio. You need to update Android Studio periodically by uninstalling older Android Studio. I try to remember at least those commands for which you won’t find icons on toolbar or it is difficult to find on Menu.eclipse-logo

List of Useful Eclipse Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + oResolve import warnings
Ctrl + Shift + fFormat code
Ctrl + SpaceAssist in typing
Ctrl + DDelete a line
Ctrl + MToggle Maximize Editor
Ctrl + Shift + pMatching parenthesis
Ctrl + oList all methods and Properties. Ctrl + o again to list inherited ones.
Ctrl + Shift + l (small L)Quick commands help
Ctrl + iCorrect indentation.
Ctrl + tShow Inheritance tree. Very helpful for class.
Ctrl + fFind
Ctrl + hFind in workspace, Java Search, etc..

This much for now. After some time when I feel, I need to know more of Eclipse shortcuts and remember it then I may add more.

Off topic:
(Do you think Eclipse became better in performance? Earlier it was too slow! Liking it now.)