First Sample App After Android SDK Download

After downloading Android SDK from, what would you do with SDK?

Place your Folder at appropriate location and create shortcut to Eclipse.exe to Desktop or wherever you like to have it.

After that lets do some setting work for Eclipse ADT. It will helps in every applications and you will learn little more about Eclipse as well.
Window -> Customize Perspective -> Command Groups Availability :
Select all android related things from here especially
  “Android SDK and AVD Manager”,
  “Select Window Working Set” and “Working Set manipulation” as well for project management.
After that, you check “Tool Bar Visibility” TAB. Everything you selected from Command Groups Availability came here. Select all items related to Android.
If you had tried checking here without Command Group Availability, this may have given Error.

You will see three items in Window Menu:


Now, create Android Virtual Device, which is needed to test your application:

Window-> Android Virtual Device manager -> Device Definition Tab:


You generally have enough Device Definitions in the list. So, start creating “Android Virtual Device”.  Click “New…” and you will be presented with this:
Select Device you want and Target API. Select Hardware Keyboard present as well so that you can use your system keyboard.
It is android virtual device (emulator) you need to test your application.

The AVD you created using Create AVD button is now available in Android Virtual Device tab list. Say Start by pressing “Start” button. It will take time to start your avd.
Now, close this “Android Virtual Device manager”. There is tool icon for this as well. It looks like mobile bar.

Meanwhile, your AVD is ready to use, lets create first Android Application!

Hello World! app is very simple to create.

  • File -> New -> New Android Application:
    Fill the fields:
    - Application Name: My First App
    - Project Name: MyFirstApp
    - Package Name: com.satyaweblog.myfirstapp

If you have filled the first, then 2nd and 3rd may have filled automatically for you.
You can change the Package name part (com.satyaweblog). For that you can fill your own org domain in reverse order. or just leave it for now. Hint is shown at the bottom.

  • Say, Next.
    Here you can change the workspace address for your android App or have it as it.

You can omit this section in bracket.
[You can select Working Sets for easy management of android app from other apps.
If you choose to use working sets then click on Select... and create new working set or select from the list. In Working Set: dropdown, your working set may have selected.]

Say, Next and again Next. Next again and now you should get the Finish Button.
You are done with your First Hello World! app.

  • Now, Run your app to see the app in emulator. To Run->Run As->Android Application. This is also available from context menu in Package Explorer.

If you face any problem then close you Emulator (AVD) and this time start with “Wipe user data”.