Google’s Free DNS Benchmarking Utility

DNS Server is very important in Web Browsing or Internet Surfing. It is essential part of Internet. We need it every time we enter address in web browser. For example, when I enter DSN server is required. It happens that Browser or OS cache the result from DNS server and use that but at first DNS server do the job or browser cache does not match with the entered address then DNS server will do that job. DNS server translate the text address to IP address for us.

There are many DNS Servers available. One which is given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is generally good. But there are also many Open Source and Free DNS server available. In case your provider DNS server (s) is not fast enough then Open Source and free one can be used. But How to know which one is faster?

Google has provided us a free DNS Benchmarking Tool to benchmark the DNS Servers based on our location. DNS server sitting very far away from us is not good generally. So, it may happen that a DNS server is good for USA people but not for people in India. Still, if service provider DNS server is very slow (assume) then that server can be used.

Google’s DNS benchmarking utility ‘namebench has answer for the testing problem.


Here is Airtel’s (an Indian ISP)
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:

Google’s DNS (Free and Open Source):
Google’s for IPv6


Here is my setting based on benchmarking result for India Location:


(To reach to the above location, Go to the Network Connections, use Adapter settings where you see “Local Area Connection” and “Wireless Network Connection”. Right Click and Click ‘Properties’ –> In the list, click on “Internet Version Protocol 4”, then properties. Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses": Fill two addresses and the click on “Advanced…” to fill more addresses. There on DNS tab fill other DNS servers. Do same for “Internet Version Protocol 6”. Important: If you mostly use Wireless then do for “Wireless Network Connection” or do for both.)

I have not used the DNS tool - namebench recommendation as I could not make good sense seeing the result given by it. Instead I used the result produced by it.