Monitor Monthly Broadband Data Usage on Laptop and Desktop

Service provide many times cheat about broadband usage. In the monthly bill, it does not say much about your usage. It just you used this much on that day. Many times you may be surprised by the bill. So, why not keep track of data usage and see how much finally you spent of your monthly Broadband data usage!

I was looking for the tool to monitor data usage and found one which finally seems to be working. Earlier one was just wanted to install Browser Toolbar etc. This one seems fine till now. The tool name is “ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter”.

Just installed today, so it is 0 everywhere. Sharing so that you do not need to install many software/tools to check which one is working and which one is not!


Follow the link about the article on how to use this Bandwidth Monitor tool. This can also help you keep your network data usage within data plan you opted.

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