Tech Talk: Found a Font for Coder and Programmer

Today I found a font made for programmer and coder which is open source as well. You can easily download TTP and OTF fonts from sourceforge. It is accepted by much fan fare as I read.

The font “Source Code Pro” is development by Adobe and is free to use. But this has disappointed me as ‘&&’ does not appear in the code. So, there can be more bugs and it could be risky to use it. You may not know what magic is happening in your code and why your code is not working! I have checked on notepad++ with JavaScript code but other people also commented about the error on netbeans and xml code. Hope Adobe solve it soon.

The font is similar to the font we are used to seeing in coding time. It is similar to “Courier New” in spacing etc. You can read more about the good part in above link to adobe website.

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