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CSS LESS: How to do Looping?

The CSS LESS code output 5%, 10%, 15%... 100%. This is what I wanted to generate with LESS. This code on Stackoverflow provided some clue about "How to Loop" in LESS but it was not working. I have updated there as well. @iterations: 100; .loopingClass (@index) when (@index > 0)… (Continue)

Font Awesome Examples Without Bootstrap Framework

Update: Use of Font Awesome the easier way: Using Font Awesome 4 for Getting Icons. Font Awesome is developed for Bootstrap FrontEnd Framework. It includes 370 icons and most of them are free. It is svg images so font is good in any display. I will present two ways to… (Continue)

Effect of Cloudflare on Page Load Time on Satya-Weblog

Few weeks before I have started using cloudflare services. This post is regarding the effect on the page load time performance of the blog by using cloud flare CDN. Through this post, I am trying to reveal how much effect cloudflare can have on your website. I am using free… (Continue)

CSS Icon Set Revolution

A revolution has come that is about building Icon set in pure CSS. It may look like a magic first time. How CSS only can produce Icon set. CSS Icon set has a distinct advantage. It avoids loading images which are used to load various icons. Even sprite image was… (Continue)

Now, Build PHP Extensions Without Knowing C

PHP is build in C language so if you want to build extensions for PHP then you need to know C. Now, with a framework available to act as middleman, you can build PHP extensions in PHP. Zephir is one such framework written to write PHP extension. It is in… (Continue)

WordPress Plugin for Escaping Markup for Prism Syntax Highlighter

Just a small announcement that a WordPress plugin has been committed for Prism Syntax Highlighter. I liked the plugin as it is really lightweight and fast. The new plugin will allow you to post markup without manually changing the code to post online. What is required is just installation and… (Continue)

A Lightweight JavaScript Syntax Highlighter – Prism

Prism is a lightweight and fast JavaScript based Syntax Highlighter. It is written based on HTML5 standard. It uses <code class="language-xxxx"></code> for posting code. Before <code>, it needs <pre>. Pre tag is required for backward compatibility. We should use <pre> as wherever JavaScript does not work, <pre> will work and… (Continue)

How to Use Google’s Adsense Code for Responsive Design?

In days of responsive design, two resources are out there which need special attention. One is images and another is any Ad code you or client may be using on Website or Blog. This is because they can be difficult to customize. This article is about customizing AdSense code to… (Continue)

Java 32bit and Java 64bits – Have Both

Many software are now 64 bits and many are still 32 bits. Most of them may need Java. So, what will you do for different software which requires 32bits and software which requires 64bits? Have both of them, otherwise you will face problems. If you install 64bits for Eclipse and… (Continue)