Effect of Cloudflare on Page Load Time on Satya-Weblog

Few weeks before I have started using cloudflare services. This post is regarding the effect on the page load time performance of the blog by using cloud flare . Through this post, I am trying to reveal how much effect cloudflare can have on your website.

I am using free version of Cloud Flare. I can say it is working. Though it takes effect after three visit to a page. This should mean if a page is requested three times in certain zone then that page will be cached in nearby cache server! I do not know if the same restriction apply to paid version.

Few other things that affects performance in these cached cloud is how long you keep your cache and how many times you clean whole of cache. Mine is shared hosting, where server performance is not guaranteed as much as dedicated server. In dedicated servers, either your own mistakes through scripts or visitors high can affect performance.

Here is the sample of page load time taken from Firefox browser:

The report is available for various browsers but on many mobile browser sample size is very small or none for not so popular browser. Here through Firefox, between Aug 22 and Sep 21, 27,000 page views served. Average Page Load Time came down to 2.84 seconds compared to earlier 10.34 seconds.


Similar to above, here is the data about Chrome and Internet Explorer. Though in Internet Explorer, Load time has decrease as for all but document interactive time has increased (1st col). This is something to check. Is it that extra script (rocket plugin) cloud flare injects is not working well in Internet Explorer.

Page Load Time data across browsers:


Chrome, Firefox and IE (take columns from the first image):


To reduce the image size, I missed the columns heading.

Most interesting is the Page Load Time for multi visit visitors:


Page Load time for multi visitors has reduced very much using Cloud Flare service. Remember, I am serving only HTML pages using Cloud Flare. Images, and Js is served through CloudFront of Amazon. Site main CSS file is also served using cloud flare. Resources coming from o2.satya-weblog.com/ is from Amazon’s and all other served directly through www.satya-weblog.com domain is from cloudflare.