Java 32bit and Java 64bits – Have Both

Many software are now 64 bits and many are still 32 bits. Most of them may need Java. So, what will you do for different software which requires 32bits and software which requires 64bits? Have both of them, otherwise you will face problems. If you install 64bits for Eclipse and then you will lose many things on . Firefox and Chrome is still 32 bits.

Use both 64bits and 32 bits of Java:

  • To do this, type Configure Java in Program Search. Java Control Panel will open.


  • There click on Java Tab. and then View button.


Mention both 64 bits and 32 bits here. Enable both. Feeling happy! Smile

Click Ok.

  • Click on Security tab. I guess you want Java on Browsers as well to watch many things that requires Java. This will enable Java in Browsers. No browser plugins for Java is required.


Now, no tussle between Java 32bits and Java 64bits for various software like Eclipse, Netbeans, Chrome and Firefox. They will get their own else you can provide based on the software Architecture. For 64bits provide, 64bits of Java and for 32 bits software, provide 32 bits of Java. This installation of both versions has helped me a lot!