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CSS LESS Compiler in PHP

Here is a LESS Compiler written in PHP. When I read about this first time and glanced through the documentation then I liked these things: Loved this checkedCompile() method which will check if file is already compiler or not ! $less->checkedCompile("input.less", "output.css"); If the file is compiled but older than… (Continue)

WP-Minify Plugin for WordPress

While in previous post regarding Minify and Combine Js and CSS, I have mentioned that none of the plugins I have tried worked well, so I may work on my own plugin for combining and minifying CSS and JavaScript files. I am on the track but it has taken so… (Continue)

Run PHP Code Online Without Going through any Setup

Quickly running PHP code online is a best way to test something. It gives instantly a setup that help us run our PHP code. This online setup can work from anywhere we have Internet access and not just from development machine. I today tested two of the online App and… (Continue)

WordPress Plugin: Combine JavaScript and CSS files

I have tried three WordPress plugins for combining JavaScript and CSS files but none worked for me. I have tried 'WP Minify', 'Better WP Minify' and 'JS & CSS Script Optimizer'. WP Minify was not minifying my JavaScript files. Better WP Minify was taking external JavaScript files as well and… (Continue)

7 Habits of Highly Successful People – Effect on Interview

Here is an explanation on how Interviewers can apply "7 Habits of Highly Successful People" teaching on interviewing skill. Source: Short Summary of the article on How to use the book mentioned above in Interview: Be Proactive: How candidate acted proactively in any situation? Where they took initiative and… (Continue)

Negative Text-Indent CSS Alternative to Hide Text

For Search Engines, we used to use negative text-indent at few places. Using text-indent, we want to hide text for normal viewers (by sending text off screen) and display image but for search engines and assistive technologies, we add text to the element. Most common place to do this was… (Continue)

Alex Gorbatchev’s Syntax Highlighter to PrismJs

Here is big help for those who are using Alex Gorbatchev's Syntax Highlighter and want to use lightweight Syntax Highlighter called prismjs for their blog or website. This code is in written in PHP and WordPress is also in PHP, so those who are using WordPress can easily use this… (Continue)

PrismJs Syntax Highlighter Supported Languages

Every time find it difficult to know which languages are supported in PrismJs Syntax Highlighter. There are two ways to know which languages are supported. One way to know is by visiting to this download link. Another method of knowing supported languages is by checking in your download prism.js file.… (Continue)

JavaScript: Select All Content of any HTML Element

This post is about selecting HTML content of any Element on the document. I need a way to select all content inside <pre></pre>, so that user can copy all code inside it. (function() { function selectText(element) { var doc = document , text = element , range, selection ; if… (Continue)

Google’s Chrome New Tab Look has Changed

Google has updated the New Tab look for Chrome Web Browser. Earlier default was either your recent most visited tiles or chrome applications. Now, new tab is having Google's Search Bar and your most visited bookmarks. All installed Chrome Applications has been added to Bookmarks on the leftmost side.… (Continue)