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CSS Properties Which Inherits from Ancestors

There are many properties which inherits from their ancestors. Very well know are Font and font-* properties. Many other CSS properties inherits from their ancestors and we should know them, if you write CSS. This helps in avoiding duplication and also keeping CSS file size in check. Less lines of… (Continue)

XPath Tutorial: a go through

Like file path work in window or Linux OS, XPath work for a XML document.  It helps in finding information within XML document. Many items are not described if it matches exactly with CSS selectors. There are seven types of nodes: element, attribute, text, namespace, processing-instruction, comment, and document(root) nodes.… (Continue)

HHVM Rocking in PHP World

Just read about HHVM again on Sitepoint after two years of its inception. HHVM compiles PHP code to bytecode and then on real time to native code. HHVM is used by Facebook to serve billions of web requests per day. To date, HHVM (and its predecessor HPHPc before it) has… (Continue)

Web Frameworks to Experiment in 2014

Here I present few Web Designing Frameworks to experiment in new year. Recent Frameworks not only came to help us fast develop websites but also give us some general good practices on many fronts. Recently when I thought to develop my own WordPress Theme then I looked at so many… (Continue)

Important HTTP Status Codes with Category

Here we will read about few but important HTTP status codes and messages we generally encounter from response. Categories of HTTP status message returned by server Status Code Category Name Example 1xx Information 100, 101 2xx Successful 200, 202 3xx Redirection 301, 302, 305 4xx Client Error 400, 403, 404,… (Continue)

Evil PHP can Weaken you!

Here is a talk on PHP from Richard on PHP Uk Conference, 2013. He is talking about PHP vulnerabilities and solutions to that. At last, as a case study, he discusses about how to get twitter password from system. Cool!… (Continue)

Exercise is Medicine – Drugs to Treat Everything

This article is as Today's Read for you all! Exercise is medicine is new mantra American college of Sports Medicine has launched. Recently exercise is more emphasized than ever after many scientific reports of its usefulness in not only keeping us fit but for curing from diseases. Exercise is the… (Continue)

Best Way to use Font Awesome Icons

I have already written two posts about using Font-Awesome. Now this posts in not about getting icons on web page but about using their CSS and Font file in best possible way (as I know!). Instead of calling directly their file on CDN, get all font-awesome provided css and club… (Continue)

Enjoy Google Searches ThroughOut Year with Fun

Google has created a fun for us to see what Searches around the world people did on Google. Fun to Watch Zeitgeist Just visit Google Zeitgeist 2013 link and click on Play. Then mouse over any city of the world and leave the mouse. If your city is not in… (Continue)

Two News From Facebook today

Facebook () has announced two new development today. One is surely bad as I see and another is ok-ok or good. First news is that Facebook will add pay button for Charity posted post. You can directly pay from the post itself, if you wish to pay for that Charity.… (Continue)