CSS Properties Which Inherits from Ancestors

There are many properties which inherits from their ancestors. Very well know are Font and font-* properties. Many other CSS properties inherits from their ancestors and we should know them, if you write CSS. This helps in avoiding duplication and also keeping CSS file size in check. Less lines of CSS means easy to maintain CSS and performance improvement in downloading and also parsing by browser.

Now we know that there are many benefits of knowing which CSS properties inherits, we should look at the list of properties that inherits:


Those which are not inherited by default can be reused by using "inherit" value for that property.

While we should use inherited properties and should not define those properties if we do not want to change anything, but at the same time remember to use shorthand properties like font: values. Example:

font-weight: bold;
font: 12px verdana;

font-weight set above wont take effect wherever it is applied.

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