Exercise is Medicine – Drugs to Treat Everything

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Exercise is medicine is new mantra American college of Sports Medicine has launched. Recently exercise is more emphasized than ever after many scientific reports of its usefulness in not only keeping us fit but for curing from diseases.

Exercise is the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to do that.

A lack of exercise is a greater threat to your life than smoking or being overweight. High blood pressure is right up there, but even that lagged low fitness. Research shows other eye-opening things: A fit 80-year-old has a lower risk of death than an unfit 60-year-old. Crazy, right?

That, to me, defines a miracle drug. Oh, and it also happens to be cheap or free, instantly available, works across all body systems, and has no side effects. Unless you count better quality of life as a side effect. [Laughs]

MH: It's common knowledge--for the most part--that exercise is good for your heart and can help something like depression. What other issues are you talking about?

It can help reverse type 2 diabetes, improve insulin sensitivity, and help block the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's. It can even help you kick an addiction.

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