Important HTTP Status Codes with Category

Here we will read about few but important HTTP status codes and messages we generally encounter from response.

Categories of HTTP status message returned by server

Status CodeCategory NameExample
1xxInformation100, 101
2xxSuccessful200, 202
3xxRedirection301, 302, 305
4xxClient Error400, 403, 404, 408
5xxServer Error500

1xx = Information

100 = Continue: Only a part of request has been received.

101 = Switching Protocols.

2xx = Successful

200 = Ok

202 = Accepted: The request is accepted for processing, but processing is not complete.

3xx = Redirection

301 = Moved permanently

302 = Found: The requested page has Moved temporarily to a new url.

305 = Use Proxy

4xx = Client Error

400 = Bad Request

403 = Forbidden

404 = Not Found

408 = Request timeout. The request took longer than the server prepared to wait.

5xx = Server Error

500 = Internal Server Error: The request was not completed. The server met an unexpected condition.

Here is a HTTP Status message decision tree. You may love it.

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