Web Frameworks to Experiment in 2014

Here I present few Web Designing Frameworks to experiment in new year.

Recent Frameworks not only came to help us fast develop websites but also give us some general good practices on many fronts.
Recently when I thought to develop my own WordPress Theme then I looked at so many thing. From long time, I have not written enough CSS. Forget about designing whole website. Reading different Frameworks documents has given lots of ideas. Using standard class for padding and margin for block so that it is all same or similar on layout came from those framework. Framework name it push and pull.

Frameworks also encouraged me to use CSS preprocessors. I was reluctant to learn that. But saw so many Web Frameworks are using that and as web developer, we may need to use that in future anyway due to client's demand. So, why wait till they bang on our head!

These Frameworks also talk about typography. If we learn their doc then we come to know about font and arrangement of blocks on page. Just placing them is not enough. We need to learn about proper line-height, font-size and margin required due to font size.

What is humans.txt? Do you know? I got the file when I downloaded a framework. It is like robots.txt and reside in root folder. For now, this much only. That got mention at Initializr .

After reading so many pages of different documentations of different frameworks, I thought not to use for now in WP theme to keep file size to minimum. Also, for WordPress Blog, we generally do not need to many elements.

Top Web Frameworks:

Top in the chart is Twitter Bootstrap. It is named famed Framework now.

2nd Framework is Foundation Framework.

3rd is Gumby Framework.

Yahoo Pure CSS is at 4th which is already mentioned at this blog.

Ink Framework at last but today I visited, liked and plan to check once.

The list of top web frameworks is taken from SitePoint's post: Best Web Designing Frameworks for 2014, but the content added here is mine. For reading about those Web Frameworks and more on the list, please visit the SitePoint link. Thanks.