Baffled by Web Industry Job Titles?

Here are Job Titles discussed on CSS Tricks. They tried to describe Job Titles in Web Industry. In their description, they talked about:

  • Web Designer: How websites looks and work by using HTML,  CSS and little bit of JS.
  • FrontEnd Developer: Languages skill matching with above but this job times is for other things than design. Other than design, this job title requires deeper understanding of technologies. Other things they may know - performance, testing and other implied technologies.
    This title looks to be mixing with the first!
  • UI Designer: More designing skill using a tool of choice. Visual Designer!
  • Interaction Designer: Again mixing with UI designer, this is about how things are used.
  • UX Designer: Studying and researching how people use website. Ergonomics and human behaviors are very important things to the UX designers.
  • Art Director: or Design Director. It is all about handling whole project, working with client, designer/developer, quality control and leadership.
  • Web Developer: Here you get more of a programming part based on Back End work using PHP, ASP, Python, etc. Title also can be said as Web Programmer or Web App Developer.
  • Full Stack Developer: All rounder. Could help in liasining among above roles.
  • IT Technician: Hardware job
  • Dev Ops: Server Software, Version control, deployment, build process, and others. What is left above for Whole Website running, it looks these guy handle those!
  • Content Strategist: Analysis of content, SEO, metadata and other things like structure of site.
  • Product Manager: Thinking about the site as a whole. It is like Project manager in service company. In product company Product Manager is a role given instead of Project Manager.

Many roles can be clubbed and it can different on different companies. Very big companies can have very specific roles for slightly different work as stakes are high there. Web Designer can handle roles of FrontEnd Developer, UI Designer, interaction designer and UX designer in smaller companies.

According to Wikipedia, Web Designer area is:

The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

According to Wikipedia, Web Developers work is:

A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Something Extra:

Very nice comparison about Interactive Design Vs. Interaction Design:

Interactive Design Compared to Interaction Design:

In some cases Interactive Design is equated to Interaction Design, however in the specialized study of Interactive Design there are defined differences. To assist in this distinction, Interaction Design can be thought of as:

  • Making devices usable, useful, and fun, focusing on the efficiency and intuitive hardware
  • A fusion of product design, computer science, and communication design
  • A process of solving specific problems under a specific set of contextual circumstances
  • The creation of form for the behavior of products, services, environments, and systems
  • Making dialogue between technology and user invisible, i.e. reducing the limitations of communication through and with technology.
  • About connecting people through various products and services

Whereas Interactive Design can be thought of as:

  • Giving purpose to Interaction Design through meaningful experiences
  • Consisting of six main components including User control, Responsiveness, Real-Time Interactions, Connectedness, Personalization, and Playfulness
  • Focuses on the use and experience of the software
  • Retrieving and processing information through on-demand responsiveness
  • Acting upon information to transform it
  • The constant changing of information and media, regardless of changes in the device
  • Providing interactivity through a focus on the capabilities and constraints of human cognitive processing

While both definitions indicate a strong focus on the user, the difference arises from the purposes of Interactive Design and Interaction Design. In essence Interactive Design involves the creation of meaningful uses of hardware and systems and that Interaction Design is the design of those hardware and systems. Interaction Design without Interactive Design provides only hardware or an interface. Interactive Design without Interaction Design cannot exist for there is no platform for it to be used by the user.

I cannot make much sense of the differences above. Possibly I need to bear hat of either to understand another. Though in summary, it is written that Interactive design, it is about creation, but in Interactive Design, it is about design of that creation. Looking good!


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