Change Micromax USB Dongle’s Default AutoLoad Page

I recently need to use USB Dongle. I generally prefer Broadband wired connected. Whenever I connected to internet using Micromax USB dongle, it loads page, which is stuffed with so much of content. This takes bandwidth and in mobile connection it was proving costly. It is getting 2.88 mb data when I tested. So, how to avoid this loading Micromax website on each connection to Internet?


* Go to File:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MMX377G 3G USB Manager\Config\Config_Connection.ini

File should have value like the below image:

micromax usb dongle default web page

Change the URL value under Web section.
After Change:

micromax home page entertainment

URL value can be any web page address. Javascript: is not working as expected here. It is opening download manager of Internet Explorer. Though it saved any bandwidth usage but you need to close it. I have my default Web Browser set as Firefox. URL=about:blank can also be used. It is opening Internet Explorer Browser. If you are using IE then it is not a problem. You should set this value. URL value can also be set to these values as these are very less expensive page compared to micromax page:


Update: I see value file:/// is working best. So, possibly empty value may also work!

It can be any url you wish to use there.
Important: Restart USB Manager App to see the change work.

Got inspiration for solution from here:

But the location and file name mentioned there does not matched with my setting. So, I need to search for the file. Also, I need to experiment with the url value.
Also, according to my test, if you click on Entertainment tab in usb manager, then it takes to macromax's own website. So, if you wish to visit Micromax website in future after change then just click on the Entertainment tab.

  • # 1 - by venkatesh

    i hav same prblm wid my micromax dongle.. im changing URL .. but i dnt knw how to save it plz help me.. actually it was denied to save.. plz help me

    • # 2 - by Satya

      You can open any text editor as “Open as Admin” by right clicking on start menu. Then go to that file by using file menu of that editor.

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