Creativity Matters in Life

Here is something from an article I read on Mashable about creativity. It says creativity matters more than passion for entrepreneurs. So, passion and hard work is just not enough if you want to be entrepreneurs. In anything where you create something, creativity is needed! Setting up your organization is also a work of creation. and all cannot just do it. So, few people of same caliber and hard working are more successful than others.

The article tells about discipline and structured for being creative and productive. It tells us about being rigorous but not rigid.

It also tells about to use convergent and divergent modes of thinking. Convergent mode of thinking will arrive at correct solution given the available data. This mode is highly analytical. Divergent mode of thinking provides more data to decide. It collects various options to reach at right solution.

The article on creativity and entrepreneurs says that creativity can be learnt. It tells about learning any art form. It tells about creativity happens best at the intersection of various disciplines.

So, what are the various Art Form for developing creativity?

Here are list of various art form we can practice to develop our creativity.

We can chose from visual art and/or performing art based on our interest. Visual arts include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc. In performing arts, we have options to chose from dance, singing, films and theater, music, etc.

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