Few Command-Line Utilities for Windows 7

These few command line utilities are useful tools for Window users. These give power of Linux Operating system without booting to separate Linux System.

  • Clink - Bring bash like features to Windows in cmd.exe. We can paste using ctrl+v, history search, word completion, and more. There are way to extend it but base version is also useful.
  • GOW - It is a lightweight alternative to cygwin. It works very well except when I ssh-ed then it does not behave as usual. It can be any setting on my machine that caused that problem! Did not checked in detail. Back button and forward arrow created havoc. So, for ssh-ing to remote cygwin is good for me.
  • Cygwin - Cygwin is true companion for bringing Linux Power to window without booting to another OS. But is not that lightweight as GOW and we need to install many commands as we discover that the command is missing. GOW has many useful commands installed by default and we can use them from cmd itself.

cygwin64 windows