PradhanMantri from ABP News is Over, What is Next?


Letter to ABP News,

Please start similar TV Serial for other countries as well.

I loved the Pradhanmantri serial you started and watched the last episode today.

It is difficult to read history. It generally becomes boring. But we need to have some information for the country so that we can decide on many things. Many people can base their future work for community and society, many people can base their view on politics etc after knowing history of land. Thanks for this beautiful TV serial.

I request you to start similar serial for other well known countries. Better known countries means to which we are more connected than others in recent times or always. Example countries are USA, UK, China, Russia, Australia, and others.

Take my example. I can understand and recall Clinton, Bush and Obama for few things. or just relate because I listen about them many times. But not more than that. I once tried to know all American Presidents by Republican or Democrats as I know that in USA these are the two parties. But I could not either collect data or could not remember. It is difficult. American presidents Quotes are famous and many times Times of India quote in news paper.
     In school, we leant history. But how? Even without any single Globe at hands reach. We cannot relate to that far place when even they don't know their state well! These days, people are travelling more. Only few who are made to learn history can possibly relate that way. Each have their own inclination towards subject. But still, I am sure, only few points they can take home as teachers talk about America even without drawing a simple map on board. Now, schools situation is better in India.

In the recent times when we are well connected by internet and TV channels, knowing other countries can make us better Indian. After watching, TV serials like Pradhanmantri, which was based on India, we will have real ground realities as backup to think ahead or decide on anything said to us.
Without even a small background, whatever is said to us looks right or wrong based on what the question reveal about itself or those who asked the question want certain answer from us.

There could be many angle which can be used in showing history about other countries. Angle can be relationship from India, effect of that countries on world, Education, etc. I like to keep that as you did for India based Pradhanmantri serial. The reason can be Indian can easily discuss politics. Another reason is that it looks simple and entertaining. Entertainment is important. Not telling about making a entertaining tv serial, but asking for good and important serial as you showed to us in entertaining way. Because you used narration and drama, it is easy to watch and remember.

Because there are many countries and you may not be able to create a show for all countries and it would take forever to finish the serial for each countries, so for not very connected countries to Indian minds, you can group countries based on region like African countries or Scandinavian countries.

If you can make for us those serials then that will not only work for us to be better citizen of the world but also it will surely gives us more info and ideas of various societies, which Indian can use for better India!

I have written this letter for ABP news, but could not find a good email to send to!