Study in the UK

Here is a contest by British Council on the Subject:

If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be, where and why?

I thought to participate in the contest and so writing this new blog post.

I see many great great Indian personalities has studied in Britain, so studying in UK should be a matter of pride and opening of new horizon. Though it does not mean those who studied in India has not made to top in India. Current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has studies in UK. Indira Gandhi has also studies in UK. Atal Bihar Vajpaye has studied in India.

I am into Software Development from few years (9+) so given a change what should I try to take from there! Currently Data Analytics is going strong and if I can learn that then I can add new and strong skill set to my Resume.

There could be many subjects one can think of for studying in UK. Before independence also many people went to UK to study. So, there are choice of subjects to choose from. According to interest and capabilities one should choose subject for higher education. I chosen Data Analytics based on my interest and background.

Now, where should I go for Data Analytics study! I do not posses good information about Universities in UK. Different Universities specializes in different subjects and each can have name in one or two subjects. I Googled and settled for UCL as this claim for good ranking in Computer Science and universities ranking position (4th) world wide. Well known university Oxford have specialization in Humanistic and social science.

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