- for February, 2014

Great Post: Float Labels with CSS

Here is a great post on CSS Tricks about new design trick with label and Input field. The design look neat and cool. It is saving of space without being cluttered. Label is mixed with Input field as it seems. New Design Tricks on Roll: Labeling input field On CSS-Tricks,… (Continue)

Documenting PHP Code Properly in Easy Way

Writing code self explanatory is the best and safest way to keep our code clean. This make our code professional. Sometimes I saw people write code which include variable name or function names using any word from their own mother tongue instead of any meaningful name for the context. Whatever… (Continue)

What is the difference between Coffee and Tea?

Question may look silly especially if you use both or one according to your taste preferences. Surely coffee and tea taste different but other than that is there any similarities and differences between the two? So, I just looked for it and want to share with you. I saw that… (Continue)