What is the difference between Coffee and Tea?

Question may look silly especially if you use both or one according to your taste preferences. Surely coffee and tea taste different but other than that is there any similarities and differences between the two?

So, I just looked for it and want to share with you. I saw that both are having caffeine which make us used to it. So, it was the most important similarities for us. Amount of Caffeine is more in Coffee. It is almost 3 times in coffee. In Tea it is 11 mg per 100 grams and in Coffee it is 40 mg.

It is more of similarities than the difference. I was mostly interested in knowing what makes us used to it. and that is caffeine we know now with difference in amount.

Other than that here are few more differences between Coffee and Tea in amount of minerals etc (per 100 gm):


Minerals found are not useful as those found are in very low quantities according to daily usage.

So, long thing short is that there are two major differences between Coffee and Tea: One is taste, and another is amount of Caffeine content. There could be more differences which we do not know for sure and scientist are still searching in it!
Anyway, enjoy of cup of tea or Coffee or both. Just know that you take more caffeine when you consume Coffee.

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