Classipress Theme for Classified Ad for WordPress

Classified is a popular WordPress Theme for Classified Ads. I don't have not much experience in Classified ads theme and cannot tell which theme is better for Classified Ads.

I got to work on classified theme a little and I have found few things which I am sharing with you.

  • AppThemes - company behind classipress theme has given forum for those who purchased the theme. But what about the developers who work on it? A person can purchase the theme but that person can outsource the work. In that case how developer can easily work on classipress theme? If developer support is not there then client is also going to face problem and ultimately it leads to low visibility in market. Also, it raise price in the market for developer due to problem developers face.
    So, I request AppThemes company to open forum for developers as well. Currently, forget logging inside forum, even you cannot read answers to old questions.
  • Classipress Theme company's customer support is very poor. I checked for a way to contact them for Database Structure which I could not find in inline Documentation. I saw Twitter handle. There was no other way to contact them. Written them on twitter but no reply.

Classipress WordPerss theme has a import Ad feature from CVS file.
It was not working so I searched for it. Could not find answer after googling for it. Luckily, changing Id field with simple number worked. In sample data in CVS, Id value is alpha numeric.