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Satya Prakash - founder of this blog

Satya Prakash

I am a Web Technology enthusiast. I become interested in Open Source while working on LAMP platform for MCA project (year: 2004).

I started my Web Dev job from Pune, India. Shifted to Mumbai, India and after that Bangalore, India. Stayed in Bangalore for 5 years.

Currently I am working for HCL.

satya61229.blogspot.com is an old address of the blog.

Here is my Non-Tech Blog.

About Satya's Weblog

Started in 2006 with two posts but understood blogging in 2007. All went well with hard work. Without much incentive and no desire to pursue as full time job, I was not quite regular with updates.

Touched within 1,00,000 in Alexa ranking in 2007-2008, it was a big accomplishment for me at that time.

Jobs at hand also affected the quality of posts I have written.

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