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Change Micromax USB Dongle’s Default AutoLoad Page

I recently need to use USB Dongle. I generally prefer Broadband wired connected. Whenever I connected to internet using Micromax USB dongle, it loads page, which is stuffed with so much of content. This takes bandwidth and in mobile connection it was proving costly. It is getting 2.88 mb… (Continue)

Creativity Matters in Life

Here is something from an article I read on Mashable about creativity. It says creativity matters more than passion for entrepreneurs. So, passion and hard work is just not enough if you want to be entrepreneurs. In anything where you create something, creativity is needed! Setting up your organization is… (Continue)

Sadly Old Internet Explorer is Still Alive

I was working on the theme of this blog which I designed. It was my way to know more about WordPress. I needed to know which Web Browser version visitors are using so that I can target for it. I saw still many people are visiting using old Internet Explorer.… (Continue)

Few Command-Line Utilities for Windows 7

These few command line utilities are useful tools for Window users. These give power of Linux Operating system without booting to separate Linux System. Clink - Bring bash like features to Windows in cmd.exe. We can paste using ctrl+v, history search, word completion, and more. There are way to extend… (Continue)

Study in the UK

Here is a contest by British Council on the Subject: If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be, where and why? I thought to participate in the contest and so writing this new blog post. I see many great great Indian… (Continue)

Why Snake Don’t Die of Own Poison

Why snake don't die of its own poison and why you eat snake and still do not die? Snake poison is a special protein which is made of enzymes and other things. Snake poison is made in special organ which do not let venom pass into body blood. So, snake… (Continue)

Baffled by Web Industry Job Titles?

Here are Job Titles discussed on CSS Tricks. They tried to describe Job Titles in Web Industry. In their description, they talked about: Web Designer: How websites looks and work by using HTML,  CSS and little bit of JS. FrontEnd Developer: Languages skill matching with above but this job times… (Continue)

PradhanMantri from ABP News is Over, What is Next?

Letter to ABP News, Please start similar TV Serial for other countries as well. I loved the Pradhanmantri serial you started and watched the last episode today. It is difficult to read history. It generally becomes boring. But we need to have some information for the country so that we… (Continue)

CSS Properties Which Inherits from Ancestors

There are many properties which inherits from their ancestors. Very well know are Font and font-* properties. Many other CSS properties inherits from their ancestors and we should know them, if you write CSS. This helps in avoiding duplication and also keeping CSS file size in check. Less lines of… (Continue)