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Stateful Ajax experimentation

Here is a JavaScript, PHP and HTML written during experiment with stateful Ajax. The code provide stateful Ajax. It maintains the stateful Ajax as you traveled the path. file1 and file2 is separate PHP file that Ajax loads. +ve Counter is provided by one PHP file and -ve Counter is… (Continue)

WordPress: Add Random Content in Sidebar Widget

Need to add random content is sidebar! Do you have two kinds of content and want to display randomly to visitors? This can also be useful when you have two types of content and both are equally important but sidebar space is not allowing to add both kind of content.… (Continue)

Web Scripting Top Blog Posts of 2009

All are writing something something related to year end. So, what should I write. I though to write about the top visited posts of 2009 on my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading it. I am sure my regular visitors will like this post. Dynamically Populate Select List by… (Continue)

Google Custom Search Ajax API – Few more Examples

Here you will get few more examples of Google Custom Search Ajax API. If you are new to custom search engine then you will think how it will look and how to use various search hosting options Google has provided in Custom Search Engine. So, here you will get glimpse… (Continue)

Setting Site Restriction to Google Ajax Search API

You can set site restriction to Search Engine created through Google Ajax Search API. setSiteRestriction() is the method using which you can restrict your search to specific site. Method setSiteRestriction('site-address'') can only restrict your search to one site only. If you want to restrict your search result to more than… (Continue)

JQuery: Ajax Example of Select Values Filled Dynamically

This Ajax example will give you an idea of, how to present users a dynamic data based on input using Ajax method. I will use jQuery JavaScript library for this linked select lists example. Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax is an example using plain JavaScript code. Suppose a user… (Continue)

Dynamically Populate Select List by Ajax

Many times, when your data is based on one parameter then you have to submit your form with user given input for getting the data based on given input by user. This increase waiting time for user completing input and adds extra request/response trip also. For this kind of situation,… (Continue)

Paging in PHP, MySQL and Ajax

Here is a paging PHP script using PHP, MySQL and Ajax. In pagination, data present is of same nature thus page loading is not required. So, Ajax use is very justified in paging. I am using almost the same code, I used in Paging using PHP and MySQL for simplicity.… (Continue)