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Number of Announcements about change in Google docs, API etc.

Google has announced number of changes in its API usage policies, Documentation and its publishing place change and even it has announced to retire many blogs to maintain only one blog to keep all updated easily. Google will retire this blog in favor of Here is story in… (Continue)

Google Custom Search Ajax API – Few more Examples

Here you will get few more examples of Google Custom Search Ajax API. If you are new to custom search engine then you will think how it will look and how to use various search hosting options Google has provided in Custom Search Engine. So, here you will get glimpse… (Continue)

Google Ajax Search API – Description and Example

Want to add Google Search in your website or blog? Google AJAX search API is available to add on any website you own. You can restrict the search to the websites you own with Google Custom Search Engine. It can be single site or multiple sites or whole of internet.… (Continue)

Setting Site Restriction to Google Ajax Search API

You can set site restriction to Search Engine created through Google Ajax Search API. setSiteRestriction() is the method using which you can restrict your search to specific site. Method setSiteRestriction('site-address'') can only restrict your search to one site only. If you want to restrict your search result to more than… (Continue)