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How Do You Think Amazon Cloudfront Works?

For Amazon Cloudfront to work, you just need to tell it where is your publicly accessible file and it start serving your file. How does it work? How can it server files to users without you giving them file by uploading those files? Website owner mention resource url which ask… (Continue)

Amazon S3 or CloudFront! Why I need Two?

If you got question after reading my previous post regarding Cloudfront implementation then this link - S3 and CloudFront difference is for you. For me, I do not need Amazon S3 and cloudfront is enough. With all new browsers using 4-6 simultaneous download compared to earlier only 2 download, I… (Continue)

A Tool to Set Amazon S3 Expiry Date

If you also need to set Expiry Date for a file when you manually upload a file on Amazon S3 then you may also find it difficult to get correct date ahead of now. You may be setting File Expiry Date 1-2 years in advance. Date need to be valid… (Continue)

Implementing Amazon CloudFront

I am checking Amazon's cloudFront. It is faster than the Amazon S3 for obvious reason. For this to use I need to better revert back all files from Amazon S3 to my own domain so that I can utilize unlimited storage space on my server with fast speed of Amazon… (Continue)

Ah! Many Limitations on Amazon S3 (Amazon Cloud Storage)

I see lots of limitations in using cloud service. Amazon S3 is a said to be cheap and best cloud storage service. It looks private hosting is the only good thing. I cannot set index (DocumentIndex) file for folders in Amazon. I cannot set Header (Meta headers) for a folder.… (Continue)

Finding Publisher for your Book became easy

Now, no need to worry about finding publishers because you are a new author. One of the most trusting brand has come to help you on this. Its reach is world wide and you know this brand from long time. Amazon has started signing authors directly. Read more about Amazon… (Continue)