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Sample Application, Better Than “Hello World”, in Android

This sample application I have created as first hand application after learning about Android. I am not experienced in Java and Android is in Java. So, practicing simple application will allow me to really test Android knowledge and get accustomed in Java as well. Few things in Java is really… (Continue)

First Sample App After Android SDK Download

After downloading Android SDK from, what would you do with Android SDK? Place your Folder at appropriate location and create shortcut to Eclipse.exe to Desktop or wherever you like to have it. After that lets do some setting work for Eclipse ADT. It will helps in every applications and… (Continue)

Careful before Updating Android Studio to 2.x

Be careful before updating to Android Studio 2.x. According to Android Developer Website, after upgrading to android studio 2.x, your all additional SDK packages downloaded will go away. I remember those updates was heavy and took time and my data download charge. Also Window Users may expect errors such as… (Continue)

Most Used PC and Mobile Web Browser

This is part-2 of the stats about Web Technology. What is most used Web Browser for Mobile and Desktop/Laptop/PC users? In this fast paced Browser war who is winning and who is loosing? Well Internet Explorer is loosing and it really lost in current Web Browser war. For the first… (Continue)

Android Studio Error: msvcr100.dll is Missing

Google has used IntelliJ to develop its Android Studio platform for Android Development. So, eclipse is not the only platform now for Android Development supported by Google. IntelliJ based Android Studio is new entrant and I think Google will more concentrate on this in future as the name is Android… (Continue)