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Important HTTP Status Codes with Category

Here we will read about few but important HTTP status codes and messages we generally encounter from response. Categories of HTTP status message returned by server Status Code Category Name Example 1xx Information 100, 101 2xx Successful 200, 202 3xx Redirection 301, 302, 305 4xx Client Error 400, 403, 404,… (Continue)

Preventing Hacking Attempts With Apache .htaccess

I used to see many URLs which directly looking just a hacking attempts by hackers. Hackers are hackers they may continue to do that but we can try to prevent such effort. So, I hope you have take all common security measures discussed at many places for securing WordPress site.… (Continue)

Redirect WordPress feed to Feedburner

Update (21-02-2010): I become tired testing Feedburner for recursive redirection problem. I need to wait for feedburner's FeedBulletin for my account. and It does not come to check as and when you say to do so.  So, I have got a smart solution which can get me what I want… (Continue)

Use of Apache URL REWRITE (mod_rewrite)

Once I was wondering what the use of Apache module - mod_rewrite is. What I will achieve with mod_rewrite kind of heavy module. I get many answers like I can redirect user to new page without user knowledge. Another case is when document root has changed. Examples are many but… (Continue)

Integrate PHP with Apache

You need to configure apache a little for telling how to execute php files.For making php work with apache you first dump php suppose c:\php501\. Then add these lines to your apache httpd.conf file. ScriptAlias /php/ "c:/php501/"AddType application/x-httpd-php .phpAction application/x-httpd-php "/php/php-cgi.exe" First check your apache server is running correctly. If… (Continue)

Few important Apache httpd.conf Directive

Want to start learning Apache configuration settings. Start with these settings: Server root. All files conf, htdocs, etc under it.ServerRoot "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2" Script timeout:Timeout 300 Keep connection alive time:KeepAlive On Max. request accepted keep alive request:MaxKeepAliveRequests 100 Keep Alive timeout:KeepAliveTimeout 15 Registered DNS name, or IP address hereServerName localhost:80… (Continue)

Stop Execution of PHP Pages

Some files are login protected in PHP application and some are include files that need not run directly and can hold some important data not for direct public view. For each login-protected page you will write login check script at top of the page. <?php If not login then Redirect… (Continue)