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Sample Application, Better Than “Hello World”, in Android

This sample application I have created as first hand application after learning about Android. I am not experienced in Java and Android is in Java. So, practicing simple application will allow me to really test Android knowledge and get accustomed in Java as well. Few things in Java is really… (Continue)

First Sample App After Android SDK Download

After downloading Android SDK from, what would you do with Android SDK? Place your Folder at appropriate location and create shortcut to Eclipse.exe to Desktop or wherever you like to have it. After that lets do some setting work for Eclipse ADT. It will helps in every applications and… (Continue)

Most commonly used programming language for Mobile App Development

What is most commonly used programming languages for Mobile Application Development? If you are not into mobile application development then this question may have come into your mind! I also have this question and I saw that PHP is not good enough. 🙁 If you are mainly a PHP programmer… (Continue)

Facebook Profile View Tracker Or Profile Visitors

Today I saw message regarding Facebook profile views through my connections on Facebook. I generally do not subscribe to application without checking a little. If a Facebook application is very important then I use that thinking - ok, after all Facebook is for fun! This application, which is about… (Continue)

Historic Post: Screenshot of my First PHP Project

This is another historic post. The screenshot is of my first PHP application made for MCA project in 2004. I have already posted UML diagrams here. Here RMS stands for Recruitment management system. RMS: Screen Shots /rec/Login.php - Login Page /rec/start.php - Home Page /rec/start.php - JavaScript Menu /rec/frmResumeSub.php -… (Continue)

Y2K38 Bug and PHP DateTime Class to the rescue

Are you aware of Y2K38 bug. I guess you are aware of it but do not know it by name. You may know that on 32 bit system, PHP date time can work from 1970 to 2038. 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038 is farthest date you can use to… (Continue)

Google Apps for Government

Google has introduced Google Applications for Government. This is currently available only for United States. Google Apps for Government will be same as you know the Applications but it will come with extra security. It will be hosted separately and not with the general one. Google Applications is the first… (Continue)