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Few very common String Functions in PHP

Here are few very common string functions in PHP for those who are new to PHP.  In that case just familiarize with these functions. addslashes Add backslash () before characters that need to be quoted before inserting into database. Those characters where backslash will be added are single quote ('),… (Continue)

PHP Session Array

In beginning, programmer think whether they can store array or not in PHP session. Yes, you can store array in php session. You store values in session for getting it latter on any page of PHP application. session_start() need to be present on that page to get the stored values… (Continue)

Display Message for Short Duration

This is another post in beginners series. Suppose you want to dispaly dynamic message after form submit for short duration. You want the massage to dissapper after some time. User can have option to hide it if he wants also. How you will do it? Here is a example script… (Continue)

Passing value from one to another considering PHP, HTML, JavaScript

This post is a little beautified article from earlier passing variables and values. Passing JavaScript variable's value to php/How to use JavaScript Variable in php Again, directly you cannot do this. But when you pass a value to a url like: 1. <a href="phpPage.php?sub=mail Subject">Call PHP page</a> then $_GET['sub'] auto… (Continue)

Learn CSS: An Introductory CSS Tutorial for beginners

Here this is a CSS tutorial for beginners, who know some basic structure of HTML Page. Here you will easily learn why to use CSS, how to use CSS, CSS structures. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styles were added to HTML 4.0. Why we use CSS in Web Page?Previously… (Continue)

Learn PHP: An Introductory Tutorial for beginners

Script Writing :: Simple introductory tutorial for PHP scripting Section 1: For start learning PHP, you must have installed PHP on your system. With this you need Apache and Mysql. Then you can start your PHP learning path from basic to advance. For installing PHP, MySQL and other related software… (Continue)

My few words to new PHP Programmer

PHP is a very good scripting language. It is now like a full-fledged programming language. PHP language is in great demand today. It is directly giving competition to ASP, C#/VB. After the announcement of PHP 5, it becomes even more powerful. As a programmer, I should have to be very… (Continue)