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Adding Facebook Like button on Website is as easy as 1-2-3

I was using a Plugin for Facebook Like button. It was working but not correctly. I cannot add comment using that. Only Like functionality was working. I tried to fix that was cannot. Recently I tried to get code directly from Facebook and it is very easy to setup. For… (Continue)

Top Countries and Continents Visitors to My Blog

I am sharing some data about the visitors. Data about the visitors to my blog and from which continents and countries they come. Here are data about the continents and countries who send most traffic to my blog. It is not India who send most visitors but It is United… (Continue)

Masthead background color experimentation

I was experimenting with Masthead/blog header background colors. I always thought to add some color to my blog as my blog had boring style. I had removed all background images as those was very heavy and very dark spread over whole of blog header. Images on background was very heavy… (Continue)

Web Browser Usage Comparison – Feb/March 2010

Here are some stats about browser usages by visitors on my blog (Web Scripting). Data and graph presents are from my cPanel application Awstats and Google Analytics. Here is a Browser Usage stats from March 1 to 6. Data taken from Google Analytics. Browser Usage March 1- 6 - Web… (Continue)

How to Control Display of Sidebar Content in WordPress

Want to control the display of contents on sidebar? Content can be any widget content or text/JavaScript content. Many times it may happen that you want to display some content on Home page but not on other pages. Or you may want to display a sidebar content on Achieve pages… (Continue)

WordPress: Add Random Content in Sidebar Widget

Need to add random content is sidebar! Do you have two kinds of content and want to display randomly to visitors? This can also be useful when you have two types of content and both are equally important but sidebar space is not allowing to add both kind of content.… (Continue)

Bye Bye to Sitemeter Web Site Stat Analytics

I just dropped using Sitemeter - a Web Site analytics. I was not enjoying it as much as Statcounter. I saw I am missing three few data or say data with ease of access: Referrer other than Google/Search Engine: Statcounter has a column where you can see recent visitors from… (Continue)

New Rss Feed of Web Scripting

I have recently changed RSS feed address from boring/long to short URL. In feedburner you have facility to create new feedburner address and use new feedburner URL. Old address can be pointed to newly created feedburner URL address. There is a facility to set window period of deleting the old… (Continue)

Web Scripting Top Blog Posts of 2009

All are writing something something related to year end. So, what should I write. I though to write about the top visited posts of 2009 on my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading it. I am sure my regular visitors will like this post. Dynamically Populate Select List by… (Continue)

Full Feed Released for the Blog

After many years of running this blog, I have decided to give full feed access to my blog followers. Many readers only read news through feed readers and they are very attached to it. I read at many places that they do not like post summary in the feed. Website… (Continue)