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Show Adsense ads Below Post Title and Post

Adding AdSense ads below Post and below Post title is easy. There is little trick that I am going to tell you here. If you very new to Blogger/BlogSpot template then you may like to read this article on posting AdSense ads in template first. May be that is enough… (Continue)

Adding Adsense Ads to blogger (blogspot) Template

After a long while I again need to put adsense ads to blogger template. and again I forgotten the little trick to put Adsense code to blogspot I learnt. I just remembered the quote to encode. But it is not sufficient. Blogspot Template when saved remove the JavaScript code put… (Continue)

Very Cool article about the state of Blogosphere

Fastcompany has published a very informative article with lots of survey result and insight about the current state of blogosphere. It is buzzing with lots of beautiful images mentioning stats. Whole article is worth reading with attention. It discusses about part time blogger, corporate blogger, Hobbyist, and self employed blogger.… (Continue)

How to Modify BlogSpot/Blogger Gadget’s HTML

What BlogSpot users miss most is ability to control output as exactly they want. BlogSpot users are not allowed to use server side languages. Also they have little control over JavaScript as well. They cannot use external JavaScript file unless they have a hosting place to do so. Sometimes, you… (Continue)