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Blogspot: How to remove Google Ads after 3rd Ad

Are you using Google ad on BlogSpot/blogger. If you are using it and if you have tried to show the ads below post title and after post body then you may have faced the problem of empty space. Google only allow 3 AdSense ads. If you are using Link only… (Continue)

Show Adsense ads Below Post Title and Post

Adding AdSense ads below Post and below Post title is easy. There is little trick that I am going to tell you here. If you very new to Blogger/BlogSpot template then you may like to read this article on posting AdSense ads in template first. May be that is enough… (Continue)

Adding Adsense Ads to blogger (blogspot) Template

After a long while I again need to put adsense ads to blogger template. and again I forgotten the little trick to put Adsense code to blogspot I learnt. I just remembered the quote to encode. But it is not sufficient. Blogspot Template when saved remove the JavaScript code put… (Continue)

How to Modify BlogSpot/Blogger Gadget’s HTML

What BlogSpot users miss most is ability to control output as exactly they want. BlogSpot users are not allowed to use server side languages. Also they have little control over JavaScript as well. They cannot use external JavaScript file unless they have a hosting place to do so. Sometimes, you… (Continue)

My News/Views blog on

I have another blog very few of you may know as that are not technology related and that is also more of India centric. I do not update that regularly, but once it was a very good blog and Google liked to send traffic to that for each and every… (Continue)

Online HTML Characters Encoding Tool for Script posting

Here is an online HTML characters encoding tool I have created for those who post script on a blog or webpage. It will convert all the <, >, ' and " characters to html entities. I was doing it manually everytime by searching < and replacing it with &gt; and… (Continue)