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Google’s Chrome New Tab Look has Changed

Google has updated the New Tab look for Chrome Web Browser. Earlier default was either your recent most visited tiles or chrome applications. Now, new tab is having Google's Search Bar and your most visited bookmarks. All installed Chrome Applications has been added to Bookmarks on the leftmost side.… (Continue)

Java 32bit and Java 64bits – Have Both

Many software are now 64 bits and many are still 32 bits. Most of them may need Java. So, what will you do for different software which requires 32bits and software which requires 64bits? Have both of them, otherwise you will face problems. If you install 64bits for Eclipse and… (Continue)

Faced First Glitch in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

First glitch faced in experimental Internet Explorer 11 today was due to User Agent. Few of Web Apps on HCL are still does not work without IE. and you know that new Internet Explorer 11 have different User Agent so that old IE related hacks does not get applied to… (Continue)

Internet Explorer 11 Test-Drive

Just downloaded Internet Explorer 11 to check the browser. IE 11 is in developer version but working without any problem. Yes, it has been warned that issue can come and you may need to update browser frequently. Update will come frequently for sure as this is still in development. Download… (Continue)

Most Used PC and Mobile Web Browser

This is part-2 of the stats about Web Technology. What is most used Web Browser for Mobile and Desktop/Laptop/PC users? In this fast paced Browser war who is winning and who is loosing? Well Internet Explorer is loosing and it really lost in current Web Browser war. For the first… (Continue)

Easy Reading Online Article on Web Page

Make reading easier online article on web pages with reader plugins. These plugins are available on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. I have found two plugins for reading pages with lots of data easier. One is iReader and another is just Reader. iReader is good one. Compared to background article,… (Continue)

Know the HTML5 Elements in a Funny way!

My Firefox version is 3.6.24 and for that I got this output. Output is nicely formatted on result page. I just copied the result and HTML has come but CSS is missing. Point your browser here and get your browser's score card. Your browser scores 179 and 4 bonus points… (Continue)

Opera 11: Show and Hide Menu Bar

Just installed Web Browser Opera again. Many times I installed other browsers and went back to Firefox. This time too I have uninstalled Firefox as I was feeling it slow from few days. There were few Java API crash and that was disabled (due to crash automatically, etc) and new… (Continue)

Easiest way to Track Links click and Usage

There are various tools and applications available for tracking outgoing link tracking or tracking which link used how many times. Few methods for tracking link clicks are mentioned in my old post. Here is the simplest method I feel to track the click and usage of any link on your… (Continue)

Browser Market Share – Sept, 2010

Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide Browser Market share, sept 2010 Browser Market Share, Sept 2010 - Worldwide, Visitors Sept 2010 browser share - visitors 54.17 % - Firefox, 22.25% - Chrome, 16.72 % - IE, 3.82 % - Safari, 2.27 % - Opera. Browser Market Share,… (Continue)